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Pick you own information

2020 Blueberry season we sell by a half gallon size bucket.  Follow @beautymountainfarm on Facebook for updates of locations and sell dates.

2020 UPICK season is postponed to 2021!

We use Square.

You can pay online at this website.

You can drop your money in the pay box.

You can write us a check.

Need help?  call us...

Here's how to pick your own berries

*  Look for dark blue berries with no pink or purple on the berry.


* Use the 'tickle' method by tickling  them with  your fingers. Ripe blueberries come off            easily.  Blueberries do not ripen once picked.

*  Not sure?  Don't be afraid to taste test in the field.  You'll soon get the feel for picking the     ripest blueberries!  Got questions?  We are happy to help you!

*  We want you to enjoy picking your own fresh berries and enjoy the great outdoors! 


*  Kids are welcome.  We encourage you to show them how to be kind to our blueberry            bushes.  Let them eat blueberries and help you pick.

*  We love dogs however we cannot allow pets in the blueberry patch.


We are family owned and we work hard all year to maintain the berry patch.  Please be kind to Mother Nature.

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